Philosophy of Ministry

Knowing God

Praise and Worship
As individuals, worship is to be part of our lifestyle; and corporately worship is a vital expression of our love for the Lord. Our Sunday services give room for our heartfelt expression of worship in a contemporary and relevant way.

Prayer is an integral part of all we do together in the life of the church. It is co-operating with God to see His will accomplished.

Living out the Bible
We desire to be obedient to the Word of God and hold to a Bible-based doctrine in line with the mainstream of Christian churches. We are a Church of Pentecostal/Charismatic origins. We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, and have a desire to be open to new things that God is doing by His Spirit in our lives today. We desire to be thoroughly spiritual and genuinely natural.

Responsible Managment of our God-given Abilities, Resources and Opportunities
This includes giving of our time, finances, talent, spiritual gifts, and effort to facilitate the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Loving People & Changing Lives

Love acceptance and forgiveness are the foundations of genuine Christian relationships. Our desire is that each church member develops strong, supportive relationships within the church.

Small Groups
The small groups with the church are where much of the ministry, caring and relationship building occurs. These are based on: common age links, common interests, geographical boundaries, a mutual call to a mutual cause, etc. They are the means to build into person's life, to bring wholeness and healing, and to release people into effective ministry in the church and society.

To grow we must be securely planted. If a person believes Life Church is the place the Lord wants him/her to belong, a commitment to the church is evidenced by: fellowshipping, loving, gathering together, prayer, giving, serving, and a respect for the vision and leaders of the church. A commitment to the prson by the leadership of Life Church is evidenced by: caring, love, nourishment, teaching, prayer, protection and correction, training and releasing. We are accountable to and responsbile for each other. Each member is encouraged to sare with the leadership any vision or strategy he/she may have, to expand the extent and effectiveness of the church's ministry.

The Bible is the guide for radical living. The preaching/teaching programme of the Church is not so much so that we can be filled up with knowledge, but be equipped to live and serve more effectively. We have a desire to have a prophetic edge to the proclamation of the Word, to emphasise what we believe God is currently emphasising.

Local Mission
We desire that all people feel welcome in our church, and because of its locality, its flavour is particularly suited to:
a) Families
b) Students/Young People
c) Professionals/Business People
d) Internationals - both immigrant and student
Each believer has the mandate to be a witness to our generation (Acts 13:36) with the prime focus being lifestyle evangelism. We have a vision for growth in making radical disciples, and believe that a healthy larger church can have a greater impact in the world.

International Mission
There are still many unreached people groups who need an effective viable church, and we are committed to help them be reached. We desire to strengthen existing missions by sending them teasm short-term and long-term, giving, praying, and planting.

Social Action
We desire to be a church who cares for the person, not just the 'decisions' they may make. We desire to be practical as much as we are spiritual, with each person effectively representing Jesus where he/she is an works.

We desire to promote righteous standards and to present Biblical answers to the issues facing society today in a God glorifying way.

We desire to have a heart for the underpriviledged and wherever possible be instrumental in seeing their needs met.